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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Still Doing This

DONE! It took me half of December to get caught up on pictures, but I did it. I know you all missed my stupid pictures.

Star Wars comes out today, but we're not seeing it until the day after Christmas (in Philadelphia on IMAX, yay!). This means total hibernation mode until then.

So everyone else enjoy Star Wars. I'll be deleting my Facebook app and wearing the Sensory Deprivator 3000. Check out this post's final picture for a dramatic representation of our internet hiatus.

In the meantime, here is Nov. 30 - Dec. 17. Finally.

Prompt: Potato and Asparagus death match

Prompt: Mashed Potato Spaceship
Prompt: Kangaroo jumping over a fence
Prompt: That touchdown

Prompt: Using glassware for the wrong thing

Prompt via Jen: Spot Coffee

Prompt via Jen: Dogtown

Prompt: Fish seek vengeance on Brett for eating them
Prompt: You try to hang up Christmas lights but get tangled in them
Prompt: I'm trapped in a snow globe and Brett tries to find me

Prompt: Robot Love

Prompt: Don't look in the closet

Prompt: Serena has dug herself a hole with all these pictures she has to draw

Prompt: Frog Chair

Prompt: Serena takes care of Brett
Prompt: Emo Doctor

Prompt: Rubbing your feet on the carpet to get static electricity and using it as a weapon
Prompt: Brett and Serena don't go see Star Wars