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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Birthday, Felicia Day!

Felicia Day is my hero and today is her birthday.  It is also mine.  I imagine one day in the future I will meet her and it will be amazing.

We will play lots of video games together.  Like Mass Effect.  And we will defeat all the space dragons.

Like him. And don't you dare try to tell me there are no space dragons in Mass Effect.  I will find them, they are there.

Also, Mike bought me a bike!  I'm super excited and want to ride it everywhere.  That is part of the reason I did this super half-ass post to express my love of Felicia Day and space dragons.  Going to ride it now.  Most likely.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I am Frivolous and Made a Blog Store

Would you like to visit my store?  http://www.zazzle.com/thisissuperserena

There is also now a link at the top of my page. 

My store includes this gem:

It is actually really fun to design these little things.  If you honestly intend on purchasing something from my store- but perhaps want a different design- contact me!  I aim to please.  Sometimes.

There should be  a mousepad and another button popping up on the page.  You can also buy STAMPS with that cat picture I made a while ago.  I know- your prayers have been answered.

Just wanted to let you all know how indulgent and frivolous I decided to be today!  And thank you for reading my blog for all of you who click this page every day.  I notice, and I appreciate it.  I've gotten a lot of positive encouragement and hopefully I'll continue to make entertaining content!

If I don't, feel free to send me hate mail and key my car.  I'm sure I'll deserve it. 

In the mean time:

Also, apologies for my pictures looking weird.  Still getting used to drawing with a mouse.

The Difference Between 1999 and Now

Not able to get onto the internet in 1999:

In 1999, I would just do all of these things instead:

Not able to get onto the internet now:

Monday, June 20, 2011

I Love it When Technology Fails

My computer just began doing this adorable little thing Friday night when I tried to boot it up.

Look at all those pretty pinstripes that are totally NOT my start up screen!  Yay!

This sets me back in a multitude of ways.  July 10th myself and my associates from SomeKindaSpecial Productions, LLC are beginning the filming of our pilot.  By "associates" I am referring to Arielle and Catherine.  But I just sounded super professional for a moment, didn't I?  Preparing storyboards and locations for this has eaten up a good amount of my free time and interfered with my regular blogging schedule to begin with, and this whole computer-deciding-to-wear-pinstripe-pants thing has only made it worse.  Once we begin production and I have my computer back to normal I will post updates of not only normal blog content (whatever you decide that is) and how shooting is going.  Eventually we might even have a website for our business and our pilot! 

So, all of my drafts and my partial storyboarded script are on the computer with a possibly broken screen.  All of my blog pictures are on this computer.  All of my drafts of every short story and screenplay I am working on are on this computer.  (In case you care my computer's name is IRO-bot; her name used to be Mini, but then I got a smaller computer that I named Micro and then IRO-bot died only to come back from the dead a year later and thus needed a resurrection name).  Yes... this is not the first time this computer has decided to die.  If it gets resurrected again, however I think renaming it a third time is being a bit dramatic.

As of now I am posting to you on my ancient Mac that I named Dinosaur.  Because it is a freaking dinosaur comparatively.

However, Dinosaur does not know what an SD card is.  So, I had to first upload the pictures onto Micro.

And then transfer the pictures onto my flash drive named Turbine.  It is pictured here on the base of Dinosaur next to a robot:

And now I am finally writing a post!  This is not the worst that technology has ever failed me.  I know I can still get my files back but it is just a matter of accessing them.  I should have emailed myself everything a week ago when I thought of backing up my files, but that unfortunately did not happen.

Dinosaur's constant whirring noise is getting louder, so I am afraid I don't have much time.  Moral of this post: Back up your files, kids! 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Every Time I go to Verizon

My trips to the Verizon Store fall into the same pattern each time I decide to go and then eventually work up the energy to actually do that.  

First, my phone stops going on the internet or sending emails, and my mind wanders for the cause.

And then after a few weeks of my phone not working, and several attempts of me yelling at it with no positive results, I go to the Verizon Store.

The employees always suggest the same thing.

I am always in denial.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Critikul and Drevved

These guys are buddies and managed to get first and second in guild achievement this week:

I brought the wrong window up the first time and I spent no time making this:

I'm glad I rectified my effort with the actual best in guild achievement this week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Impatiently Awaiting the Arrival of my Camera

I feel like an upset anime character throwing a temper tantrum.

I wouldn't make an attractive anime character, I'm glad I'm live action.  And I may or may not be watching Full Metal Alchemist which is prompting me to view everything like a cartoon.

My camera came yesterday but no one was home to sign for the package, so today I am house bound and anxiously passing the time and making lists.  Grocery lists, to-do lists, prop lists, set lists (for the production I am working on... more on that later).

This is what will happen as soon as I get my camera:

Unless I have to go to work right after I get it.

Do you love my crappy, lazy pictures?  I'm making a blog post about bees in the near future.  I'll spend more time on that.  Promise.

Kind of.

Update: My camera came about 20 minutes after I left for work, and it is wonderful!  Played around with it for a little bit, took a few pictures of it on my Nikon but unfortunately my SD card for that camera has been in my computer for some reason so if I want to post those I'll need to go into the depths of my closet to retrieve the right cable.

In the mean time, here are two pictures of my cats I took on my new camera!  They are the most interesting thing in my house.

I can't wait to shoot some video!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meet My Guild

I belong to a guild named <Orcgina>.  Mike is the Guild Master on it, and thus I am the Guild Mistress because I demanded that title.

One night online a cool character named SoftServe demanded they receive a cookie or some other compensation because of his/her status as the number one guildie of the week.  Every week you rack up guild achievement from quests and raids and other such things and this week, SoftServe was the winner.

I offered SoftServe an MSPaint trophy.  SoftServe liked the idea.  Here is the first guild trophy I ever composed:

I made the trophy to look similar to our guild symbol.  If you're not in the guild, you wouldn't know that.  But I did put in effort.

Since this first day, every week I have drawn a picture for the leader in guild excellence.  Enjoy!  (Maybe)

Unfortunately, TakeDown left the guild not too long ago.  We miss him dearly.  Also unfortunate: I spelled competition wrong and it took four weeks for anyone to notice.  Woops.

I'm pretty sure MissN00bis never looked at this.

Bradewski has an impossibly cool name.

Delrosvi is a really cool guy.  I'm sorry I made his armor look like a robot.

These pictures brings our guild closer together!  But I think that's just me rationalizing to myself so I have an excuse to make pictures of WoW characters.

So, every Monday night I will probably end up posting that week's guild picture.  I hope you guys find these as entertaining as I do.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How I Get Away With Writing Semi-Mean Things About Mike on my Blog

This is my go-to argument.  Not only is fun to just scream, "HYPERBOLE!", it usually sends us pummeling towards a conversation revolving around a Hyperbole and a Half post.  And thus, I win. 

Mike Finds a Strange Way to Call me Pretty

Whenever Mike and I are talking about how someone is attractive, I chime in with this jackass line:

Normally Mike says in a harsh, even tone that lets me know he's only putting up with me, "Yes.  You're pretty."

The other day, however, he got creative.  So when I asked, "I'm pretty, right?!"  He said:

This is possibly one of the best compliments I have ever received.  I have such a romantic boyfriend.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Math is Hard

This is only when I am exceptionally bored, and contemplating buying something.  If I did math every time I was bored I would be better at it by now.  At least... I hope so.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cheetahs, but Were Too Afraid to Ask

I'm not sure if you noticed, but I love cheetahs.  They are a beautiful, majestic creature more spectacular than any fictional unicorn could ever be.

Yes.  I just admitted that unicorns don't exist.  That is how much I love cheetahs.

They are the fastest land mammal and have incredible movements, but there is even more to this creature that might be overlooked if you do not spend all of your free time researching cheetahs.

I'm assuming you spend your free time occupied in other ways.

But I'm here to fill in the blanks!

Let's take a look at how they're built!

Most of these attributes endow the cheetah with its famous speed.  However, the cheetah can only run roughly 500 feet at its popularized rate of 70 mph.  What is impressive about this speed is that it takes mere seconds for the cheetah to reach its full capacity.  It is because the cheetah exhausts so quickly after it reaches 70 mph that it loses most of its prey to its own fatigue. 

Right now the fastest cheetah in the world is Sarah, a member of the Cincinnati Zoo Community.  In September 2009 she broke this world record twice in one day by running 100 meters in 6.16 and 6.13 seconds respectively. 

But keep in mind Sarah is a captive cheetah and there are those in the wild whose survival depends on their high acceleration.  Sarah might be the best on record, but there might be cheetahs faster than her!

Now, let's talk about everyone's favorite type of animal: the babies!  Cheetah cubs are completely blind at birth, but within roughly 4-10 days their eyes open.  Baby cheetahs have cute, big tufts of fur on their necks and down their backs to make them look like honey badgers to any animals that might otherwise view them as prey. 

As for hunting, cheetahs prefer the daylight.  While we think of most cats as nocturnal, cheetahs are diurnal.  They usually hunt in the early mornings or in the late afternoon when the sun is out and the temperatures are cool.  That's why if they chose to hunt at night, they would need some infrared goggles.

Throughout history, cheetahs have been a symbol of wealth and royalty.  Because of the cheetah's docile nature, they were easy to tame and a prized possession of many ancient cultures.  Egyptian Pharaohs often kept cheetahs as pets, and a cheetah wearing a leash and a hood is on the royal Sumerian seal.

The Indian Mogul, Akbar the Great, owned over 9,000 cheetahs in his lifetime!  Akbar loved his cheetahs and kept detailed records of them.  He referred to them as Imperial Cheetahs.

Unfortunately, cheetahs do not breed well in captivity and it was here that the decline of cheetahs began.  For the past ten thousand years cheetahs have become progressively inbred.  The other challenges facing cheetahs are high infant mortality rate and poaching. 

Between 1900 and now the population has shrunk by roughly 86,000 and they have essentially disappeared from 44 countries, including Israel and India.  Today, the cheetah's largest habitat is Namibia, Africa.

To learn more about cheetahs and see adorable, real pictures of them, or to make a donation and further the efforts of those dedicating their lives to saving them, visit http://www.cheetah.org.  The Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) works on reintroducing cheetahs into the wild, housing cheetahs in captivity, educating Namibian farmers, and using the Guarding Dog program to protect livestock from predators which minimizes the conflict between farmers and predators.  It was founded in 1990 by Laurie Marker who has worked with cheetahs since 1974, making them her number one priority.  

Other great programs include Big Cat Rescue and the Cincinnati Zoo.  They each have WONDERFUL youtube channels and are making great strides to ensure these animals live in luxury.