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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Ugly Truth- Movie Review

I had unfortunately high hopes for the new comedy The Ugly Truth. Sure, the cast was superb and the idea was great. But, it was just another romantic comedy. Good for the moment, not lasting. That may be what some people want in a film, but not me.

The development of the characters was great. At the end, however, I felt as though the writer tapered off and gave up. What had at first made the movie stick out was gone.

The ending was a classic case of "They're together now, are you happy?" (And not in a good way like You've Got Mail) I wasn't happy. I needed more of Butler and Heigl working together in their news studio making sexual innuendos! Also, there were characters that were introduced who were obviously important but basically made cameos. They were on the way to greatness with character development, but as soon as the characters got close the rest was out the window. "Who cares who these people are? Let's see 'em fuck!" I'm guessing this is what the director thought.

Was it funny? Hardly. Two jokes that I found worth laughing at, and the rest were a waste.

Butler looked a bit heavy in the film, too, which kind of had me wishing Heigl would end up with the cute doctor her character was dating throughout the film.

Overall, I give the film a B-. At least they tried, but it needed a little more eumph!

Let the Judging Begin

That's me, Serena, your lovely guide through the world of pop culture. Let me give you a little preview on my views on the entertainment industry at the moment:

  • Oversold
  • Overplayed
  • Overhyped
  • Unoriginal

The music is synthy and autotuned to a point that aliens have taken over our radio stations, the movies are all rip offs and those that are original are for shit, the television shows are gasping for air under the whirlpool-like current of reality television. Needless to say, I'm a bit bitter about all of this.

As for my tastes in music, it's a bit diverse. I like my Indie pop, Rock, some good ol' Neil Young and a bit o' mainstream when the occasion calls for it.

TV shows? I'm a Lost fanatic. I'll let you judge me on that.

Movies? Let me put it this way: I'm never entirely pleased with a movie. I'm a tough critic.
So why am I here? I want to put my opinion out there in hopes someone actually agrees with me. Someday, I would like to own my own production company and produce/direct/edit/write and release movies that I am proud of. This industry needs a wake-up call.