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Monday, June 20, 2011

I Love it When Technology Fails

My computer just began doing this adorable little thing Friday night when I tried to boot it up.

Look at all those pretty pinstripes that are totally NOT my start up screen!  Yay!

This sets me back in a multitude of ways.  July 10th myself and my associates from SomeKindaSpecial Productions, LLC are beginning the filming of our pilot.  By "associates" I am referring to Arielle and Catherine.  But I just sounded super professional for a moment, didn't I?  Preparing storyboards and locations for this has eaten up a good amount of my free time and interfered with my regular blogging schedule to begin with, and this whole computer-deciding-to-wear-pinstripe-pants thing has only made it worse.  Once we begin production and I have my computer back to normal I will post updates of not only normal blog content (whatever you decide that is) and how shooting is going.  Eventually we might even have a website for our business and our pilot! 

So, all of my drafts and my partial storyboarded script are on the computer with a possibly broken screen.  All of my blog pictures are on this computer.  All of my drafts of every short story and screenplay I am working on are on this computer.  (In case you care my computer's name is IRO-bot; her name used to be Mini, but then I got a smaller computer that I named Micro and then IRO-bot died only to come back from the dead a year later and thus needed a resurrection name).  Yes... this is not the first time this computer has decided to die.  If it gets resurrected again, however I think renaming it a third time is being a bit dramatic.

As of now I am posting to you on my ancient Mac that I named Dinosaur.  Because it is a freaking dinosaur comparatively.

However, Dinosaur does not know what an SD card is.  So, I had to first upload the pictures onto Micro.

And then transfer the pictures onto my flash drive named Turbine.  It is pictured here on the base of Dinosaur next to a robot:

And now I am finally writing a post!  This is not the worst that technology has ever failed me.  I know I can still get my files back but it is just a matter of accessing them.  I should have emailed myself everything a week ago when I thought of backing up my files, but that unfortunately did not happen.

Dinosaur's constant whirring noise is getting louder, so I am afraid I don't have much time.  Moral of this post: Back up your files, kids! 

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