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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Meet My Guild

I belong to a guild named <Orcgina>.  Mike is the Guild Master on it, and thus I am the Guild Mistress because I demanded that title.

One night online a cool character named SoftServe demanded they receive a cookie or some other compensation because of his/her status as the number one guildie of the week.  Every week you rack up guild achievement from quests and raids and other such things and this week, SoftServe was the winner.

I offered SoftServe an MSPaint trophy.  SoftServe liked the idea.  Here is the first guild trophy I ever composed:

I made the trophy to look similar to our guild symbol.  If you're not in the guild, you wouldn't know that.  But I did put in effort.

Since this first day, every week I have drawn a picture for the leader in guild excellence.  Enjoy!  (Maybe)

Unfortunately, TakeDown left the guild not too long ago.  We miss him dearly.  Also unfortunate: I spelled competition wrong and it took four weeks for anyone to notice.  Woops.

I'm pretty sure MissN00bis never looked at this.

Bradewski has an impossibly cool name.

Delrosvi is a really cool guy.  I'm sorry I made his armor look like a robot.

These pictures brings our guild closer together!  But I think that's just me rationalizing to myself so I have an excuse to make pictures of WoW characters.

So, every Monday night I will probably end up posting that week's guild picture.  I hope you guys find these as entertaining as I do.

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