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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This Week Got Dark

Featured this week are the worst cell phone pictures I've ever drawn along with some spooky/scary/creepy pictures because Halloween is upon us.

Also, my internet did not go out before, after or while watching the Star Wars trailer. In case anyone was worried.

Remember you can be bossy and tell me what to draw by suggesting something right here.

Here is Oct. 12 - 19.

Prompt: A Halloween version of this
Prompt via my mom: A rabbit pulling a magician out of a hat

Prompt: The truth about where sponge candy* comes from
*Found out there is gelatin in sponge candy this week

Prompt via my mom: An octopus' garden in the shade...because it's a bamboo garden

Prompt: This pie is a miracle

Prompt: Cloud animal zoo

Prompt: Cheating cheetah

Prompt: Serena wants to watch the Star Wars trailer but the whole internet has crashed

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