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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- Movie Review

When I came home and told my mom that this was the funniest Harry Potter movie yet, she looked at me dumbfounded and said, "Dumbledore dies at the end."

This may be true, but for the first half of the movie I was laughing till it hurt. David Yates may have ruined Order of the Phoenix for me, but he made it up in diamonds with the work he put into this movie.

For fans of the book, be prepared for extra scenes that J.K. Rowling never approved of. However, unlike its predecessor, these additions improved the pace of the movie. The sexual tension between Ron and Hermione could be felt by everyone in the audience and only added to the hilarity of the first half of the film. On another positive side, Harry showed few signs of true, teenage angst.

My only qualm with the movie is the lack of mystery surrounding the title character of the Half-Blood Prince. Harry should have been obsessed with the book that finally allowed him to succeed in potions class, but there were honestly 2 1/2 scenes depicting the book.

Dumbledore's death could have been less goofy for me, but on the bright side he didn't get slowly pushed into a veil like someone I remember.

The acting was great, I was pleased there was a lot more Snape in this movie than the previous few, and even more Ron and Hermione! David Yates should go on to direct comedies once the series is finished, but I doubt he'd take my advice on that.

The film deserves an A, through and through. Especially compared to the drivel that was Order of the Phoenix.  Finally, a film adaptation that does not make my skin crawl.

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