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Sunday, August 2, 2009

UUVVWWZ Self Titled- Music Review

The new self-titled album from the interestingly named band UUVVWWZ( pronounced: Double You Double Vee Double Double You Zee) is a little more than what mainstream indie offers. As a long time fan of Saddle-Creek records I was originally disappointed, but this is the type of album that needs time to grow.

Lead singer Teal Gardner does something fabulous with her voice. Gardner sounds like the female version of The Blood Brothers' vocalist Johnny Whitney. The motion in her voice is catastrophically haunting.

As for the guitar work, I am supremely impressed. The slips that are incorporated make me want to dance, which is exactly what a guitarist wants in a record.

So far, the stand-out song for me is Green Starred Sleeve. The band truly realizes their potential on this song. Gardner and band work well to leave you with a fun number that balances vocal and instrumental brilliance.

While the other tracks are memorable, I find the band is best suited for fast tracks. The album slows down too much for me. However, the opening track Berry Can is a great transition into this interesting record.

I wish the lyrics had more to say, but I think this band is about fun. And it's definitely fun.

I give the album a B. This band is on its way to indie greatness, it just needs a little more time to get there. In the mean time we've got these exotic tracks to dance to.

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