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Sunday, September 6, 2015

I'm Drawing a Picture Every Day for a Year

It's been roughly a year since my last post. I've been drawing more pictures than usual lately, and it's gotten me thinking about blogging.

I guess shortly after restarting the blog the inspiration ran out. I wanted to take it another way, but I couldn't figure out in which direction. I even considered making this blog political rather than arbitrarily comical and posting about the things I'm passionate about: the environment, animals and human rights issues.
Plastic bags and water bottles are awful for the environment. Reusable fabric bags and steel canteens reduce waste.
But that seems like an uphill battle, and there are already so many of those blogs out there.

That's when picture-a-day was spawned.

Every day, I'm given a prompt (by Brett, or anyone else willing) and I draw a picture. (Note: I've been doing this for four days).

It's a way to get me inspired again.

Being employed full time is definitely a positive thing, but it also hinders me from being as creative as I want to be in the ways I want to be.

For my own mental health, I need to be creating something, no matter how small and shitty it might be.

So Super Serena is here on some level. I probably won't be posting daily—and I might not post every picture I make—but at least daily I'll be making sure I do something. It might sometimes be political. It will most likely be silly and nonsensical, and almost certainly it will be shittily crafted in MS Paint.

Just as everything should be.

Here are most of the pictures so far in the order they were created:
Prompt: Brett in an Ice Cream Factory

Prompt: Gecko Sushi
Prompt: 2001: A Serena Odyssey

Prompt: Whale Hunting*
*"Whales" is a term for rare beer often hunted down by beer enthusiasts

Prompt: Brett and Serena, Life Among the Geckos

Follow the jump for a bonus picture drawn a few months ago!

This is Brett nearly every night: Reading Star Wars novels meant for teenagers and wishing he was a lightsaber-wielding Chewbacca. Can't say I don't relate.

Feel free to make a suggestion as to what I should draw. Brett can only think of so many things.

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