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Monday, September 7, 2015

Pros and Cons of Having a Pet That Can't Love You Back

In early July, Brett and I adopted an adorable six-month baby gecko from a local Rochester breeder, ROC Geckos. We named him Kaiju, the Japanese word for monster as well as the alien creatures from the movie Pacific Rim. He is mostly named for the alien creatures.

He also goes by "Kash" and "Kashi Go Lean." For short.

Kaiju is a really cute guy (we think he's a guy) who loves his little leaf palace.

Here is the terrible monster in all his glory

While he's hands down the cutest thing in the world, one could say that Kaiju does has a flaw: the inability to love. (He also doesn't quite understand we're his friends and have no intentions of squashing him).

That's why I've decided to list the pros and cons of having a pet that cannot love you back.


1.You don't feel bad if you forget the pleasantries like "goodnight" or "good morning."

2. He won't jump on you and demand attention while you're trying to do work.

3. You can be verbally abusive, making empty threats he doesn't care about because he already basically hates you.


1. Instead of responding with joy when you reach out to pet him, he recoils with the hope he will turn invisible and you will forget he exists. This is pretty ego-bruising.

2. His apathy fills you with sadness.

3. He will not reveal his true self to you.

And for all I know, his true self might be a gecko demon.

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