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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Guy Walks into a Liquor Store- Almost a Music Review

 So, a guy walked into the liquor store this weekend and he immediately struck up a conversation with me about the south after asking where the Jeremiah Weed was.  I guess he likes the south.  He seemed like a decent guy, not a normal liquor store weirdo or anything.  For some odd reason, though, he was very excited about life.

Then in the middle of talking to him he says,

It would be fair to note here that prolonged eye contact with strangers makes me feel mildly uncomfortable.  If I was looking at this man's shirt, I apologize, but I was probably just searching for something less awkward to stare at than his pupils.

Anyway, he explained to me that his shirt displays the logo of his friend's band: Denison.  He told me to check them out.  Well, I will do you one better strange southern kid who forgot to buy ice: here is a blog post!

Surprisingly, this band has an E.P.  And, I am pretty sure this is a one-man show. 

While the majority of the songs are slow, the spokesman for this singer lucked out in plugging it to someone who loves slow, sad, sappy folk rock songs.  The piano chords on the song Firefly sounds so similar to any song by The Fray, it is uncanny.  Shaking What Her Mother Gave Her might be the band's strongest track, though still slow it picks up the pace and is a bit more enjoyable.  The song is fun and kind of silly.

This band attempts to pull off a slow, drawn-out tone that Tim Kasher of Cursive and The Good Life does splendidly, but this person needs some practice. Their track No Way to Win is an example of why this sound does not work.  However, their song Hospital is very close to achieving what Kasher does so well. 

The vocals are reminiscent of a band that I cannot quite put a finger on, I want to blurt out Say Hi or Mumford and Sons or possibly some super cheesy '90s alt rock band but I cannot say for sure.  If you have any idea as to what the sound of this singer's voice reminds me of, do not hesitate to let me know.  It is driving me crazy.  I spent ten minutes listening to thirty second clips of the song with the name of what it reminds me of on the tip of my tongue and I am sick of almost realizing something so trivial.  Thanks!

Overall, I'm going to give this band a B.  Mostly because their PR agents are very personable.  But seriously, while I might have only said negative things about the songs, there is something here.  If you're a folk rock or slow, Southern rock fan, check them out.

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