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Sunday, May 29, 2011

What I Have Learned From Drunken Dance Parties in Orgrimmar

That is my undead destruction warlock, Veveze.  She's pretty cool.  She has cute horns sometimes when she wants to. 

And Veveze likes to party.

I have Veveze sometimes head over to Orgrimmar, a horde city where lots of commerce gets done, and I have her strip dance.  Because I can.

And I have learned a very important lesson from these impromptu gatherings.

Yeah, taurens are basically cow people.  But they're effing cool.  Check out my other character Straz, Arielle as Roz, and this tauren in a nice pose:

For fun, here's a cute picture of mine and Mike's characters:

His character isn't a dragon, but that is a mount he has that turns into a dragon. 

I'm in Virginia right now, playing WoW with Arielle.  Seriously.  Now I'm going to enjoy my time away from the internet. Yay!

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