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Friday, May 13, 2011

How I Spent my First Full Day as a College Graduate

Remember that post I wrote about a month ago about looking like Justin Bieber in that wig? 

Well, I decided to spend my first day of possible professionalism engulfed in immaturity.

I went to the King of Prussia Mall dressed as Justin Bieber.

That's me in the parking garage before entering the mall.  Not Justin Bieber, I know.  The resemblance is haunting.

The reason we went to that specific mall was because my friend Bridget dressed up as the character Prussia from the anime Hetalia.  I have not yet seen Hetalia, but now I really want to. 

I honestly thought I was making that "P" the right way.
So here are some pictures from our adventure Liz took that I stole from Bridget's facebook without her permission.

My intention was to make it look like I was falling into the fountain, that is not what it looks like.

Malls get tiring.

That girl in the background is totally checking me out.

Unfortunately, no teenage girls asked me for my autograph but on the up side I did not get hounded for free samples.  No one wants to offer the Justin Bieber lookalike and the girl in the white wig anything, it might end in an awkward conversation.

On a completely different note, blogger was down for like 24 hours and prevented me from updating and leaving you with these incriminating pictures.  I have a post I've been working on that will hopefully be up by tomorrow or Sunday.  However, I got a third part time job in my field and that might impact my updates.  We'll see!  Hooray for entering the real world, sort of!

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  1. Oh god I really wish I was as cool as you. ;)