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Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm Psychic and My Boyfriend Almost Killed My Cat

*I wasn't going to post this, but my cat is absolutely fine and I think this is kind of funny.  

So, I had a dream last Wednesday night that there was a bunny at Mike's house in what he calls a "bunny hutch."  But the bunny hutch was destroyed by some big animal and I wanted to take the bunny home.  Dream Mike wanted to release the bunny into the wild, but I said that would be cruel, so I put the bunny in a crayon case.

This bunny actually looked suspiciously like a cat.

Don't worry, I kept checking on the bunny-cat to make sure he was comfortable in there.  He was a very fluffy bunny-cat, akin more to a slipper than an actual animal.

I spent the entire dream worrying about the safety of the bunny and every few minutes (dream minutes, so who knows what the actual time was) I would pull bunny-cat out of his crayon case and make sure he was still alive.

Towards the end of the dream I was almost positive bunny-cat was dying, and I blamed Mike.  There was no rational reason to blame Mike, but I did.

Unrelated to the bunny-cat story arc of my dream: I also went to the A&P specifically for strawberries and wound up at an anime convention in an old church passing out neon green flyers (worst con ever?).

This brings me to the reason I am psychic (not the convention part, the bunny-cat part). 

Last Thursday night I get a text from my mom that she found my cat, Glitter, (Yes, I have a cat named Glitter.  I named her when I was 11, and it is still an awesome name.  I also have a cat named Magic and another named Pebbles) trapped in my room.  She was yowling under my bed, petrified and refused to move.

Mike went to my house last Tuesday, went in my room to take my mouse pad so he could enjoy whatever instance he was on, and locked Glitter in my room for more than 24 hours.

According to my mom if Glitter was in there another day she would have died because she was so lethargic and depressed. 

Luckily, my cat is absolutely fine.  Although, she is looking a little derp-tastic these days because her front left fang fell out a while ago.

I am slightly (exceptionally; scathingly) angry at Mike for allowing Glitter to be trapped without food, water and litter box for an entire day.

[REAL TIME UPDATE: Not that angry anymore, what Mike did was irresponsible but he says he searched my room for cats before closing the door.  I'm not sure if I should believe this, but Glitter has been known to hide very well when she does not want to be found]

It's not like he did it to Magic who is used to getting locked places because Magic is an explorer.  And a ham.  Would you like to see a picture of Magic?  Okay!

But what this does prove is that I am psychic, or that I have a psychic link with my toothless cat, because I had a dream that I was anxiety-ridden over a bunny-cat I stored in a crayon box and rightfully blamed dream Mike for the animal's misery.

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