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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Said the Whale 'Islands Disappear' - Music Review

This semester I have been working with the super awesome Music Director Nicole at my college radio station.  I have incredible access to a lot of awesome music.

The role I play is partial gatekeeper.  I say "partial" because while I decide what shouldn't get played on the station, I don't necessarily decide what should get played.  I just give input. 

One of the bands that fell into my lap this past week is Said the Whale.  I immediately became attached to this band. 

If you like folky, mellow, happy rock you are in dire need of this album.

Right away I scribbled "The Shins" on my sheet to hand into my professor.  There is so much fun in this album.  The stand outs are Out on the Shield, Camilo (The Magician), and Black Day in December

I made the great decision of reading the insert they included with their album explaining how the album came to fruition through the technical difficulties they went through.  Not only are these people that make great music, but they are people who seem absolutely wonderful and deserved of your hard-earned cash.

A good portion of their songs (The Gift of a Black Heart being one) begin with strong vocals and a quiet guitar, an obvious lead-in to a song that is about to get more powerful.  These fun beginnings hit you with such intensity they cannot merely be listened to on a computer or on an ipod; take it in your car and you will experience the way this album the way it was meant to be heard.

So, fans of Neutral Milk Hotel and Manchester Orchestra; Sufjan Stevens and Mumford and Sons; The Shins and Cursive please check them out.

This used to be a blog devoted to reviewing music and movies and all other forms of media, but I've reformed.  However, Said the Whale sent me straight to the keyboard in a desperate attempt to explain their awesome sound.  The vocals are fresh, the guitar bouncy, the lyrics an incredible combination of haunting verse and playful word choice.

If you are as creepily obsessed with acoustic sounds and witty lyrics as I am, you will not be disappointed. 

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