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Sunday, April 24, 2011

So I Made a LinkedIn

I've decided that I need to start being super professional and work hard towards getting a job since I'm really close to graduating.  The first logical step towards responsibility is getting a LinkedIn, so I've heard. 

I'm not exactly sure how a LinkedIn profile works because no one has yet explained it to me and I refuse to read any information that the website might helpfully provide.  But, I have one. 

I spent a good portion of Easter telling my mom to scoot out of the way of my webcam so I could take a picture that makes me look respectable and ambitious.

But taking pictures for the professional world got boring really fast.  As did asking my mom "How 'bout this one?" after every picture and then having her ignore me because she was making sandwiches or something ridiculously mundane like that.

So after a while, this is what happened:

I honestly think I only look good when I am making a face that makes me look like an ass.

But I have a solution for my LinkedIn profile picture that will make me appear to be "down with the cool kids" and also super competent!  (Because I lack actual competency, so I need something to make me appear that way).

Yup, I went for a hipster joke. 

For any jobs requiring a comic book hipster, I have this photo that will surely take me where I need to go:


I just made an entire blog post comprised solely of my face.  What up, lazy? 

But, seriously, I need a job.  And, I'm not sure things like this help my credibility.

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