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Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Dumbest Moments

Sometimes I do things that are really unintelligent.  Or just a result of me being uncoordinated.  Here is a short, yet comprehensive, list of dumb things I have done.

1. The green stuff.

Sometimes I forget the words for things, and one day during the winter in high school while at Catherine's house I could not remember the word for pool cover.  Catherine was walking her dogs, and I was staring at the pool cover and an idea came into my head.

"Hey Catherine, can I walk on the green stuff?"

Catherine was understandably confused as there was plenty of green stuff in her backyard.  She said, "Yeah, sure."

I then started walking on the pool cover.  Catherine looked over and screamed, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

I was confused why she was so perturbed.  She just gave me permission.  "I'm walking on the green stuff."

"I thought you meant the grass."  I would like to point out that I definitely know the word for grass.

So, Catherine shooed me off the pool cover/green stuff and I was very sad.

Over last summer at my friend Nicole's house I asked her if I could walk on her blue pool cover (so, essentially, this is blue stuff; a completely different breed).  Nicole is nice so she said "YES!"  (I told her my green stuff story).

This is me being really happy I finally got to walk on some sort of stuff, even if it was the wrong color.

I'm a pro.

2. Pouring sprite on a fire.

In high school we used to have a lot of bonfires and play manhunt.  One night the fire was not as big as I wanted it to be.  It was actually starting to get pretty good and I thought to myself How can I make this fire get bigger?

That's when I pissed everyone off by pouring my can of sprite on the fire thinking it would go up in flames.  It just put the fire out, instead.  Kind of the opposite of what I intended.

  "Why would you do that?"

"I thought sprite was flammable!" 

"No, Serena.  That's alcohol.  Sprite is just sugary."


3. Rope swinging into a tree.

I really, really didn't want to rope swing.  And I didn't want to land on rocks. My fear of landing in shallow water and hurting myself on rocks sent me hurtling towards a tree. 

There's a video, I swear we didn't plan this.  My friends Arielle and Rose went first and we have videos of them, too.  You can watch it here, probably.

My injuries could have been much worse. 

I still have a scar on my hand from that.  It's almost faded, though. 

I'm really lucky my face didn't end up meeting that tree.

Honestly, not much can top the rope story and I am drained of creativity right now and have to leave for work in ten minutes.  Maybe I'll post the awesome picture I made of a dragon tomorrow.  He is cute, and blue!

And, I lied.  This was not a comprehensive list.

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