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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Is This Alien Exploding?

I was going through my old photobucket because I decided to post pictures I've already done instead of drawing new ones because I am lazy today.  Also, I am supposed to be working on a group project but apparently no one decided to show up so I'm occupying myself while the only girl in my group who is here reads the chapter.  She's actually really nice, I shouldn't talk about her.

Anyway, I found this picture and I have no idea what this alien is supposed to be exploding.  Maybe he's being a nice alien and just destroyed an asteroid that was on a collision course towards Earth?  Probably not, I remember distinctly making him a mean alien.

Here are a bunch of other pictures I found in my photobucket that I feel like posting because I can't think of something today worth writing about except my dumb group project that is slowly ruining my life and eating my patience and sense of self away.

I'm almost positive that's irony, because the class this is for is Nature of Self.  I don't know anymore.

I still think this one's hysterical.
This would be a self portrait if I were a beat poet
Possibly my first robot rendering on a computer. (Most likely not)
I will always feel sad for this octopus, he was supposed to be pie shaped but I failed.

All of these pictures were done on my mac when I used to draw all the time and I used Apple Works instead of MS Paint.  I really miss Apple Works.  R.I.P.

Speaking of R.I.P., I also made a picture of Pikachu with a noose around his neck and the text "Kill" but I don't feel good about posting that.  Just know it exists somewhere.

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